BEAUTY TIPS FOR EYES [ highly effective]

Hi all, Beauty tips for eyes! Yes today we are going to discuss about the tips to beautify the most important part in our body, our eyes! Eyes are the most attractive and important part of everyone’s body. One’s mind and feelings can be read through their eyes. Without eyes we wouldn’t have seen the colours of this world and not even our face! So beauty of eyes is very important.. Beauty of eyes lies in the health of eyes. So let’s see some effective beauty tips for eyes; BEAUTY TIPS FOR EYES Apply the mixture of almond oil,honey and mint leaf extract under the eyes before going to sleep. Massage your eyes with castor oil using ring finger in both directions. Apply the mixture Read More


Beauty tips and tricks [MUST READ]

Hey friends,                          Today I am going to talk about some effective beauty tips and tricks for women. Beauty is something which attracts every eyes. So being a woman we all want to get that attraction and attention. So here you will read some useful beauty tips and tricks. Let’s see… Always wash your face two times a day ( morning and night) with a suitable face wash. Only use those products which suits your skin type. Always follow the CTM ( cleansing,toning and moisturising) regime. Always wear a sunscreen while you step out of your home. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Do yoga for body and face. Avoid junk Read More



Hi beauties,                          I know it’s been a long time since I posted in beauteoushub. Actually I was busy migrating from blogger to wordpress ( bloggers might know the difficulty).Yes guys it really took some time to make everything back to normal. So let’s go back to the review.Today I am going to talk about one of the best eyebrow pencil India, the lakme eyebrow pencil. I am a person who has an eyebrow which is not very thick.My mom and sister too have the same type of eyebrows. Hmm… some genetic factors…!But who doesn’t like thick eyebrows which highlights the eyes in a beautiful way. Even I too love such thick eyebrows. So Read More



Hi beauties,                    Today I am going to talk about one of the most popular product of Maybelline, it is the colossal kajal. Actually maybelline colossal kajal is the substitute of Lakme eyeconic Kajal. I will be soon publishing the review of it. Those girls who were not satisfied with lakme eyeconic kajal would have definitely bought this product. So let’s see how this product worked for me.         PACKAGE OF MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KAJAL The package is same as the lakme eyconic kajal. The only difference is that this colossal kajal pencil is yellow in colour.         MY EXPERIENCE WITH MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KAJAL I bought maybelline colossal kajal after trying lakme eyeconic kajal. The pigmentation of this maybelline colossal kajal is almost same Read More



Hi beauties,                    How are you all? Today I am going to talk about a different product which was not at all reviewed in beauteous hub. Yes today you will read about lakme nail polish remover. Nail polish remover is very much necessary for Muslim girls like me who can’t prostrate with nail polish in our nails as the “Wulu” will not be complete. But nail polish do gives a beauty to our hands and fingers and no girl like me can stay away from it. So let’s see the review o this product from Lakme… PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OF LAKME NAIL POLISH REMOVER   MY EXPERIENCE WITH LAKME NAIL POLISH REMOVER As I already told you,nail polish remover is an inevitable product for me. And Read More



Hi lovely ladies,                            Today we are going to discuss about a moisturiser. Creme 21 moisturiser is a very famous moisturiser from an international company. I got this as a gift from my dad’s friend who is living in Dubai. And it is written in the product that it is made in Germany. So I was very much excited to give a try on this product. So let’s see how this worked for me… PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   PACKAGING     MY TAKE ON CREME 21 MOISTURISER As I have already told you, I got this creme 21 moisturiser as a gift. And because of that it was very special to me. When I opened it for the first time itself I was very much attracted Read More



Hi beauties, Today I am going to talk about yet another kajal from a very famous brand Himalaya,the himalaya kajal. I know that many of you would have definitely used this or might be using it. While choosing a kajal it’s always good to choose herbal one. Because kajal is something which ladies use almost every day. And that too in our eyes, which should be protected more than anything. So using a kajal with full of chemicals can damage the health of our precious eyes. Why not use the herbal one, if it works more than the chemical one? Yes buddies, the kajal which I am going to talk about today is something which you can choose to use every day. So let’s see Read More



Hi beauties,                     How are you all? It has been a long time without posting a review in beauteous the ultimate beauty blog. So today I am going to talk about a product from biotique,the biotique almond kajal. All girls develop their interest towards makeup with the use of kajal. Eyes are the most attractive sense organ in the human body. It has been told that a person’s mind can be read through their eyes. And people always fall in love by looking into the eyes of a person. Any feelings or emotions can be seen through one’s eye. So making it look beautiful and fresh is very essential. Girls use kajal to highlight their eyes and make it more beautiful. So today we are going to read the review of biotique almond Read More



Hi beauties,                                                                                           Image source                Today I am going to talk about how to get rid of skin problems with a huge list of effective natural ways. Many people are suffering from these skin problems and are fed up of trying chemical products on their faces. So here you will read many effective natural ways to get rid of those ugly troubles from your skin. I am sure you will definitely find at least five Read More



Hi beauties,   Image source                  How are you all? Today I am going to talk about my secret skin care regime, which completely changed my troubled skin into a beautiful and flawless one. Beautiful and flawless skin! Who doesn’t want a skin like that!!!! Yes my dear beautiful ladies, this post is definitely going to help you to bring out the hidden beauty within you. If you follow these steps regularly for at least a week, you can see the magic with your own eyes! STEP 1 This is the first and foremost skin care process.Wash your face at least twice a day with a chemical free, natural face wash. I recommend BIOTIQUE PURIFYING NEEM FACE WASH for acne prone oily skin, combination skin and Read More